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Hello, on this website you will find a collection of my work. To contact me click HERE


The IndieBand Documentary I worked on while employed at The Banff Centre for the Arts. Creative professionals creating a documentary about other creative professionals incubating their talents in a very special place.
We facilitated Andrea Buttner, a Stuggart born artist, and her new piece Piano Destruction. Bellow are some photos of the video capture.
I am happy to be apart of "The Last Caribou". I am helping produce this independent feature film written and directed by Kirsten Gauthier. In early April we took a trip up to Yellowknife and went location scouting. We plan to shoot in a lot of old trapping cabins. Below you can see some pictures of our adventures. For more information on the film please visit 
My Winter 2014 Demo Reel can be seen below. Contact me if you wish to see any completed pieces showcased in this reel.

I have been working on a documentary about incorporating digital media into live theater performances. Below are some Tron-Like photos of a hybrid performance called "Helen Lawrence". It is a play where that is also filmed and screened live. Performers act in a chroma-blue environment, the footage is then combined with a 3D environment that follows the camera movements. The generated film is then shown on a scrim in front of the actors thus giving the audience the choice of film or theater. The results have been extremely interesting. Here are a few photos
Had a very busy weekend. Saturday night The Banff Centre hosted a conversation with Spike Lee that was incredible to shoot. Then the following night I was lucky enough to film the performance of one of my childhood comedic idols, Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall.
I was lucky enough to be part of the 18th annual "Women in the Directors Chair" workshop. A group of up and coming Female Directors are selected to attend the event that helps them each achieve their personal goals in film. Below are some shots from the studio set.
During the Banff Mountain Film Festival I was lucky enough to be apart of a National Geographic shoot where we interviewed alot of the film makers and there experience with extreme adventures. Below you will see pictures of us deciding on lighting and shooting the talent.
Here are a few stills from the Indie Band Documentary I was a part of at the Banff Centre in November. The Documentary followed the artist residencies of four hand picked canadian bands at the centre. Guest faculty below included Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Hal Wilner ( SNL, Finding Forrester and others) And Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene)
Here are a few shots of the Christopher Plummer live performance I was shooting back in October.
Below are some pictures from a shoot I produced for Brooklyn based performance artist Amy Khoshbin. I helped facilitate her artist residency at The Banff Centre. Her shoot included capturing content on both HD cameras as well as shooting on a VHS camera.

I am also Producing and Directing a documentary about her and a few other projects going on at The Banff Centre. The last few pictures are from the interview I conducted with her.

Below is a screen shot from my 2006 documentary "Vinyl Junkies". The film discussed, at that period in time, the dying industry and culture of Vinyl Records and the people it affected. The film was lost during a move in 2009, I am in the process of recovering the newly found tape back up then I will upload it.

Yasmine Mustafa's drama "The Oposite of Solitude" will be screening at the White Sands International Film Festival. I was Sound Supervisor in post-production of this film. Best of Luck to Yas at the screening and in the future.

Here is the finished mix I did for Biting Elbows music Video  "Bad MotherFucker". If you are interested in getting a 5.1 mix of the video please contact me and I can provide one. Please enjoy the video and check out Biting Elbows music on their webpage Here
Greg Polak

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